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        Xi’an Chinastar M&C Ltd

        Abide by the principle of good faith, shape a professional brand, and pursue long-term excellence

        Xi'an Chinastar M&C Ltd was established in 1996 in the world-famous ancient city-Xi'an High-tech Zone, China. " Chinastar Measurement and Control" has always adhered to the corporate culture of "abiding by the principle of integrity, building a professional brand, and pursuing long-term excellence". After more than 20 years of continuous efforts, it has become a well-known professional manufacturer of various smart sensors in China and even the world and a provider of integrated solutions for the Internet of Things (smart city/smart manufacturing).


        Founded in Xi'an




        Exporting to Countries


        Export Proportion

        Corporate Vision

        To Be An Influential And Innovative EnterpriseIn Global Sensor Field

        We insist

        We believe

        We advocate "Four Hearts" of employees

        Our History


        1996 - 2004

        Background of agent sales of overseas famous brands got us rich experience in sensor field

        2004 - 2010

        Build our own R&D team, transform to a sensor manufacturer

        2010 - 2017

        Well-grounded and accelerated development

        2017 - 至今

        Independently self-developed MCS sensor expects a flourishing development

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