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        Electric Power Manhole Cover Movement Monitoring System

        With the development of city, various types of pipelines are used, which leads to the increasing need of manhole cover. According to different applications, there are different manhole covers. However, abnormal movement or missing of manhole cover bring much inconvenience even hidden safety dangers to our life, like missing of manhole cover, underground fire, cable stealing, people falling into the well. So the use of different types of manhole cover monitoring terminal, can monitor the real-time situation (e.g. manhole cover movement, gas leakage, smoke alarm). All the data gathers in the smart cloud management platform and is analyzed and calculated by the big data. Then we can position the abnormal manhole cover, and send orders to maintenance staff. The maintenance people will execute the maintenance order from the system. With the help of position navigation, they quickly go to the place and complete maintenance. In addition, the camera can also send the abnormal manhole cover situation to the system, so that staff in monitoring center can timely get the abnormal information.

        System Characteristic

        Real-time monitoring

        Monitor the real-time status of manhole cover, gas leakage, and smoke alarm.

        Collaborative with cameras

        Alarm and send maintenance order

        Upon receiving an alarm, the system will automatically send a maintenance order to maintenance staff.

        With the help of position navigation, the maintenance staff can quickly reach the position and complete maintenance.

        Collaborative with cameras

        On-site situation obtained timely using cameras.

        System Composition


        Hardware Equipmen

        Manhole Cover Movement Monitor

        Communication Protocol : NB-loT

        Power Supply: 19AH Lithium battery

        Standoy Time: >3 Years (19AH )

        Frequency Band Support: B1/B3/B5/B8/B20/B28

        Protosl Suppod : UDP/TCP/COAP

        Working Temperature : -40c ~+85C

        Protection evel: IP68

        Installation Meihod:Integrated

        Software System

        Smart Street loT System Software

        Data acquisition and storage

        Online data analysis and alarm

        Administrator purview management

        Various data report output

        Project Information


        Xi'an High-tech Zone Municipal Administration Bureau

        Project Location

        Xi'an High-tech Zone

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