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        General Manager Gu Rongxiang Attended The Special Meeting of "Chain Length System" in Xi'an
        Release Date:2021-10-20   Click on the quantity:139
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                In the afternoon of October 18, in order to further implement the spirit of the meeting of the Leading Group of Key Industry Chains Promotion of the municipal government on October 13, Vice Mayor Yang Jianqiang presided over a special meeting of the "Chain Leader System" of Xi'an. General Manager Gu Rongxiang of Xi'an Chinastar M&C Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting as the representative of enterprises.

                Vice Mayor Yang Jianqiang emphasized that the "chain leader system" should raise the political status, establish working mechanism, strengthen work promotion and enhance supervision and assessment in four aspects, upward to the provincial industrial chain, downward to the implementation of each district and county development zone.

                General Manager Gu Rongxiang, speaking as the only enterprise representative, said that the inclusion of sensors and Internet of Things in the key industrial chain of Xi'an is a correct decision of the municipal government, which will certainly drive the development of smart city and intelligent manufacturing in the city, and that Chinastar M&C will strive to become a force and leader in the field of sensors/Internet of Things in China on behalf of Xi'an during the 14th Five-Year Plan.


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